5+ Ways to Keep Yourself occupied on a Flight

5 Ways to Keep Yourself occupied on a Flight

While traveling doesn’t need to be boring, long travel days can prove exhausting without entertainment. I have a lot of knowledge and many ways to keep busy while traveling by plane, train, or automobile around the globe. Are you planning a flight?

These are seven ways to keep entertained while on a flight.

Improve Your Skills

Flying is a great way to concentrate on the things you want to learn. I have been learning Plotagraph Pro, Adobe Lightroom, and other video editing programs.

It’s amazing to me how much I can do in transit. With only a few hours of dedicated attention, I can get through tons of information in a matter of hours.

Are you feeling inspired? Make sure you download the tutorials before you start to get inspired.

Coloring books and workbooks

Coloring is great for all ages! Adult coloring is a great way to relax and I love it! Coloring books are great for those days when you don’t have enough energy or just want to be creative. You can also use them to relax after a long day of traveling.

Rachel, my friend, created these incredible coloring books – Botanical Wonderland – A Blissful Coloring Retreat, and Desert Wonderland – A Serene Coloring Retreat – which I highly recommend. These books are beautiful and offer low-tech entertainment.

Handwriting is dying, but who says so?

Calligraphy and hand lettering have always been my passion. Beautiful penmanship can create stunning creations from invitations to wall hangings. Creative Lettering and Beyond will teach you how to create your own art.

Get Multilingual

Knowing the basics of the local language is very useful. It’s possible to learn simple phrases like “hello” or “thank you”, which will make your trip much easier. Learn how to ask directions and get simple answers if you are able.

Before I leave, I always make sure to download the Duolingo app offline.

Although it can be intimidating to learn a new language while on a flight, you can actually learn a lot. You can learn a few phrases quickly and confidently. Don’t be afraid to show your locals that you are willing to put in extra effort.

Listen to podcasts and audiobooks

Podcasts are my favorite podcast! Freakonomics and Stuff You Should Learn are my favorite podcasts. You can download any series you like, and it will take less time. If you are motion sick or can’t read while on the move, this is a great way to save time on bus and train rides.

Make sure you download every podcast and audiobook to ensure offline access. You can also try the access in airplane mode if you have never tried it offline.

Read More

Pocket App is my favorite app because I don’t have enough luggage space to store reading materials. Online articles can be saved to your phone so you can read them offline.

You can catch up on all the articles that you see in your Facebook news feed but don’t have the time to read in your day-to-day. You can save time on layovers or other situations when you are likely to be interrupted.

Rock Out

I make playlists before each trip, and then save them offline on Spotify to listen to any music I like.

Keep adding new songs to your collection so that you never get bored.

Plan it Out

Last-minute planners, grab a book on travel and start planning your flight. Although it might seem old-fashioned, it is still useful to have something tactile you can highlight and dog ears.

You can make a list of all the highlights that you would like to see and start exploring as soon as you arrive.

TIP HELPFUL: I recommend that you apply for a travel reward credit cards before making a major purchase or trip. The best part about a travel reward credit card is the ability to earn points that can be used for free flights or hotels. Many cards also offer extra points for travel purchases. You can also get travel protection if you purchase a card to pay for your trip.

My personal favorite is either the Chase Sapphire Reserve for frequent travelers or the Chase Sapphire Preferred for those just starting out. Here are my top travel reward credit cards.

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