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Perhaps you are planning your first backpacking trip or looking for new gear for your next adventure.

There are many products available on the market that are specifically designed for backpackers and budget travelers. However, it is important to pack less and pick the right products when packing for a trip.

You need to be careful about theft, no matter what backpack you use. How do you protect your bag on the train? You can also grab a cup of coffee at a busy patio.

The Numinous GlobePacs 55L travel backpack is the best anti-theft backpack.

GlobePacs backpacks include Kevlar antislash technology, anti-puncture zippers and TSA-approved zipper locks. The GlobePacs backpack also includes a retractable combination locking system that allows you to secure attach your backpack to an object.

Features & Benefits:

Protected laptop compartment with padding

Zipper locks that are approved by the TSA

Fully adjustable back system that can be adjusted to fit users of all sizes and shapes

Airflow for lumbar support with padding

Full length opening

This is my most favorite travel item that I take on my trips. You will need to wash clothes, no matter how long your trip is or whether you plan to backpack for a whole summer.

You don’t have to wash your clothes in the hostel’s sink, or waste time folding clothes. Instead, you can bring a Scrubba(tm), Wash Bag for fast, efficient and effective laundering.

The Scrubba(tm), Wash Bag weighs less than 5 oz. Just fill the bag with water and add soap. Then, simply put your clothes in it. After you have let the excess air out of the bag, you can scrub your clothes with the washboard.

You only need to wash your clothes for 1-3 minutes. Then rinse off the water and you’re done!

Features & Benefits:

Modern take on the traditional washboard: hundreds upon hundreds of internal Scrubba(tm), nodules that clean your clothes efficiently in just minutes

Washing machine quality

It folds down to a pocket-size size and is small enough that it can be carried anywhere

Transparent window to view washing and filling levels

You will find instructions right on the bag’s exterior.

Doubles as dry-bag

This article was created in partnership with Eartheasy. Eartheasy is a family-owned business that provides practical information and products for sustainable living. You’ll find unique products to suit your home and garden on their website.

Their blog also contains helpful articles about gardening, composting and food preservation.

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