Here are 10+ reasons to plan a girls’ trip to Tokyo

Tokyo is like no other place you’ve seen before. It’s even more fun when you bring your girlfriends along! This is the perfect place for girls getaways. It will be an unforgettable adventure.

Are you ready for the ultimate adventure? These are 12 reasons Tokyo is the best place for girls to go on a trip!

1. Karaoke

Yes! It’s impossible to go to the birthplace karaoke and not belt out at least one song. Get your girls together and get on stage to create the ultimate girl group.

2. Nails

Japanese fashion is my obsession. The Harajuku look is unique, and nail art is the best way to copy the local style. My Jill & Lovers mermaid manicure was my favorite.

3. Photo booths

Japan is not the place for selfies! It’s impossible to leave Tokyo without taking a few photos from one of the adorable photo booths. There are many photo booths selling purikura in the city. They are great fun.

You can transform yourself into a Japanese anime god with features such as a photo filter and long eyelashes.

4. Robot Restaurant

This is the ultimate in Tokyo’s nightlife. It features a dazzling display of lights, robots, and dancing. Even if you only have a few nights in Tokyo you must stop by the Robot Restaurant. Although it may seem like a tourist trap you will not want to leave.

5. Mario Kart Rental

You can ride a Mario Kart on the streets of Tokyo! You can also dress up as your favorite character at the Go-Kart rental locations. They have a wide selection of costumes to rent so you don’t need to bring it home.

Head down to the Arcade District to get into the real-life videogame that is Japan.

6. Food

Japanese food is a speciality in its own right. Each dish is unique and packed with flavor, so dining in Japan can be a memorable experience. The sushi and ramen are always delicious. You can be creative with Japanese cooking, so don’t be afraid to try new things.

Although Tokyo is known for its amazing shopping, it’s also home to some of the most treasured souvenirs: recipes. Take a cooking class with locals and learn a valuable skill that will last a lifetime. You should also visit the Tsukji Market, where you can find all the local ingredients.

7. Cafes

A must-see is the Kawaii Monster Cafe. This photo is a perfect example of Japanese color. The Saryo, on the other end of the spectrum is another great cafe. The Saryo is a minimalistic, chic spot that serves delicious local teas.

8. Sanrio Puroland

Love Hello Kitty? Japan will be your favorite place, Sanrio Puroland especially. This indoor theme park is one of the most adorable in the world.

It’s an amazing place to visit if Sanrio fans are interested.

9. Drinks in Golden Gai

Golden Gai, also known by the Golden District is one of the most popular places to grab a beer. These blocks are packed with around 300 bars. Many bars can accommodate fewer than 12 customers.

You might consider trying to get into some local favorites like Kenzo’s Bar, Bar Darling and Albatross.

10. Harajuku

Harajuku is worth spending at least an afternoon shopping. Shop the many cool shops along Takeshita Street.

11. Shopping

You will find many places to shop in Tokyo. Shopping in Tokyo is like walking in a wonderland, with everything from thrift shops to costume shops to quirky products everywhere in between.

Tokyu Plaza and Laforet Harajuku Malls are full of unique finds that are loved by both locals and tourists. Omotesando Hills has the best shopping experience; techies should head to Akihabara.

12. Safety

Tokyo is without a doubt one of my favorite destinations. Everybody is friendly and eager to help travelers. As female travelers, we felt completely safe walking on the streets at night and during the day.

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