November’s Top Destinations

Winter travel is more than finding the best ski slopes. Many amazing places around the globe are at their best in November.

You can forget about the heat and endless people! The college students and their families will be gone by September when school resumes. You can explore everything with a little more space. You’ll also find lower prices at most locations.

Are you ready to put on your sunglasses and get rid of the winter boots?


Dubai’s summer temperatures are so high, it is best to wait until winter to visit.

The daily highs are rarely above eighty-five degrees in November so it’s a great time to visit the brightest and most famous sites around the globe. Enjoy the city’s skyscraper-lined skyline and shop for ultra-high-end items before enjoying the endless nightlife.

Napa Valley

Napa Valley, one of California’s most famous destinations, is a world-class wine area. It can get crowded in the summer months, especially during the harvest crush of September and October. However, it is quieter in November.

You’ll love seafood and Napa Valley is the best place to go during Dungeness Crab Season. Restaurants all around the valley dedicate themselves to creating the best Dungeness Crab dishes every November. You can relax by the fire and enjoy the delicious dishes of some of the West Coast’s most renowned chefs.


Bangkok’s peak season is November, when it can get extremely crowded in Bangkok. Although temperatures rarely exceed ninety degrees, it is always warm and sunny.

This is the ideal time to visit the markets and museums in Bangkok and then to continue to the famous beaches along Thailand’s coast.


Cambodia is one of Asia’s least known countries. It has amazing food, rich history and a beautiful coastline. The peak season in Cambodia is November-January.

You’ll enjoy perfect weather and plenty of sunshine once the rainy season is over. It’s not high season but it’s still a great country to visit. There won’t be crazy crowds as in Thailand or Indonesia.


November is the best time to visit Greece as a local, with all the tourists gone. Take a look at the landmarks of fifth-century BC, then visit today’s chic bars, cafes and galleries.

It is still warm enough to be able to walk for hours without getting cold. Although many restaurants and nightclubs closed down in the summer, they will be open again in November.


I adore Indonesia. Although you may get some rain in November you will still enjoy the perfect beach temperature and a wide range of activities.

Surf in Bali, dive in Komodo National Park or fly to Flores to hike to the breathtaking Kelimutu Volcanic Lakes. You’ll find plenty of space with the largest tourist groups away from Christmas.


Weather is key to navigating such a large city. Instead of trying to see Istanbul while you’re sweaty, don’t wear a heavy jacket.

As you walk through the Old City, discover generations of history. Take in the diversity of cultural influences found in this city, then relax at a Turkish bath.

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its exceptional beauty. This place is an ideal spot for photographers, with its stunning coastline mountains and lush forests, as well as charming little towns.

Avoid the tourist season and travel after the tourists are gone. You will have the entire area to yourself, and the most beautiful landscapes on the planet.

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