Ten Places Around the World to Propose

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Once you have all the details and plans in place for how to propose on vacation you can now choose where to propose.

The setting for your proposal is an important part of the special moment. It will be something you both will cherish forever.

These are the top ten romantic places to propose!

10 Of The Best Places To Propose Around The Globe
10 Of The Best Places To Propose Around The Globe

Ponte de Piedade, Portugal

Ponte de Piedade is my favorite backdrop. After you arrive, take a walk around the area and enjoy the amazing view. You can use your time exploring the area to decide if you want to be closer to the water or at a higher point.

You’ll be able to enjoy a stunning view in any way you choose.

Over Heart Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia is home to a perfect-shaped reef, called Heart Reef.

Fly over Heart Reef and take an aerial tour. Turn to your lover as you fly over. This is the best way to show your love. You can give the pilot a heads-up so that he can circle it several times.

5 Most Romantic Places To Propose In Europe IN THE STONE
5 Most Romantic Places To Propose In Europe IN THE STONE

Gondola ride in Venice

Gondola rides through Venice’s canals are one of the most romantic experiences you can have. You can make it more romantic by getting down on one knee.

You can arrange for a dinner and serenade in advance.

Plan ahead to avoid overspending on your ride and ensure that your proposal is successful.

Paris, France

You can be more creative if you don’t want to do it at the Eiffel Tower. (Even though it would be quite magical so I’m certain she wouldn’t mind), it’s possible to do it through the gardens in Versaille or Luxembourg.

For a stunning view of Paris and the Eiffel Tower, you can drop to your knees on Sacre Coeur oder Arc de Triomphe. Paris is known as the City of Love, so you’ll never regret proposing in Paris, no matter where it is.

Most Romantic Places In The World 2017 Top 10 List
Most Romantic Places In The World 2017 Top 10 List


Any tropical area with beautiful coral reefs is good, but we prefer Turks and Caicos and French Polynesia. Many dive masters will help you set up something underwater that is beautiful.

Many people will take photos, so you can always look back at the moment. Make sure you’re both comfortable enough to stay calm underwater throughout the entire process.

You might save the kisses until you get back on the boat.


You might also want to visit Cinderella’s castle in Disney World. You could also open the ring box while you are on Splash Mountain to be more unusual and funny.

As you both run off the ride, and you look down to see your faces during the photo taken mid-freefall, you can get down on one knee and ask her directly when she’s in shock.

San Francisco, California

We may be biased because we were there when we got married, but we love the city so much that we are willing to share it with you. Explore the Eastern Side of Golden Gate Bridge to discover the Marin Headlands and Battery Spencer, Hawk Hill, Kirby Cove, and decide which spot is right for you!

Aside from a Castle

Proposing in front a huge castle is a great way to say “you’re my Queen”. We love Eltz Castle, Neuschwanstein and Mont Saint Michel.

The Swiss Alps, on the Top

It’s not cheap to climb the highest peaks in the Swiss Alps. However, if you are comfortable with hanging from large cables in a gondola, it is possible. You can now stand on the top of a mountain to show how much you love her.

Rain Room, Los Angeles

It’s a well-known fact that rain can make you feel romantic. However, getting married in the rain will bring romance to another level. The Rain Room at LACMA houses an amazing art exhibit that allows you to stay dry in the middle of a man-made storm.

Disclaimer: This rotating exhibit rotates through different cities around the globe and may not be available for your proposal. There are many other museums that are worth a visit if you and your partner are passionate about art.

We would add any other tips to our last post.

“Don’t lose the ring!”

These places are very rare and if you lose it, it will probably be gone forever. So, think about that when planning your proposal!

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