The 6-Day Chiang Mai Itinerary. The Thailand Plan.

We will be starting our 3 day Hong Kong itinerary as you read this. Travel continues beyond Hong Kong. It will take only two hours to fly to Chiang Mai, Thailand. I also made a detailed plan for the trip. I was a compulsive planner and created a Chiang Mai itinerary for six days. Although travel to Chiang Mai can last up to 13 days, I only planned six. You see, I’m spontaneous.

Day 1: The Segway Gibbon tour is the first part of the Chiang Mai itinerary. Even though I’ve been segwaying around Barcelona for a while, this tour is great to help you get to know the city.

After a day of exploring the city, lunch is at Ginger & Kafe at The House. This trendy spot features eclectic decor, a home goods shop and a delicious menu.

Khoa Soi is a soup-like dish that’s served with crispy, deep-fried egg noodles. This Northern Thailand tradition is not to be missed. Ginger & Kafe

The Warorot Day Market or the Lam Yai Flower Market are great places to get rid of the calories from lunch. It is not a great idea to stroll through a busy market after having lunch. The flower market is a great idea. It’s hard to resist fresh, colorful flowers. oliverlaumann

After taking a moment to enjoy the smell of the flowers, we will cross Nawart Bridge and then take the Mae Ping River Cruise. The boat ride will take us along the river to a farmer’s house where we can learn more about Jasmine rice cultivation.

It’s time to head to the Night Bazaar, where you can explore yet another Chiang Mai market or watch the Thai boxing show that takes place every Friday night.

It is hoped that there will be some checks made at the Edible Bugs Market: 25 Insects People Eat All Over the World. avlxyz

Day 2: After a wild night at Night Bazaar that was probably much more manageable than what any twenty-one year olds night would have been, morning coffee will be a must. Ristr8to is the perfect choice, mainly because of their incredible coffee art. Amazing things can be done with just a bit of foam and a shot espresso.

We are now awake and ready to walk down the elegant Nimmanhaemin Road. The Rodeo Drive in Chiang Mai. This street is home to trendy cafes, fashionable boutiques, and the best night spots.

We will be stopping at Wat Suan Dok Temple at the end of the road. This is not only to take a quick tour but also to have lunch at Pun Pun, an organic Thai eatery. autan

From here, we will take a taxi to Wat Phrathat Suthep which is said to be the most holy temple in Chiang Mai. To reach this holy place, you will need to climb 300 steps, 163 more than to climb to the top at the Duomo in Florence, and 32 less than to climb to Big Buddha in Hong Kong, where we just arrived.

After all that walking…and climbing…a traditional Khantoke Dinner is welcome.

This dinner and dance show will take place at the Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center. It will be very similar to attending a Luau on Maui. kandyjaxx

Day 3: On the morning of the third day of the Chiang Mai itinerary, we will take a Thai Orchid Cookery cooking class. This morning breakfast is not recommended as we will be making and eating six traditional Thai dishes. The Som Tum Papaya Salad is one of my favorites American meals. I’m most excited to learn how to make it. photo credit | wEnDaLicious

After a quick nap, it’s time to head over to the Sunday Night Market. The market offers artisan jewelry, street food, creative arts, and bustling crowds. fortes

Day 4 Day 4 is all about the Elephants. And I am excited. We’re headed to the Elephant Nature Park, where we will volunteer at the rehabilitation and rescue center for elephants. This day will be spent feeding, bathing and learning about these beautiful creatures. christian haugen

After being submerged in muddy water for a while, it’s time to get out of the way and enjoy a fine dinner at Le Grand Lanna at Mandarin Oriental Hotel. This meal will be overly pricey, by Thai…and American…standards, but it is gonna be good. photo credit | mandarin oriental

Day 5: In the morning, we’ll travel a short distance from Chiang Mai’s old city center to Bo Sang Handicraft Centre, where artisans make Sa Paper parasols and umbrellas. We will be able to learn the technique and perhaps take one home as souvenirs. marshall segal

It’s all about foot massages at Chiang Mai Womens Correctional Institute, where inmates offer massages as part a vocational training program. We will be able to enjoy lunch at their cafe, even though there is often a long wait.

Once we feel super relaxed, it is time for a self-guided Wat (temple tour) tour. Although we managed to get some major highlights out of Chiang Mai’s second day, there are still many more. str1ke

You can enjoy the evening outside at Dash Restaurant.

Day 6 The Chiang Mai itinerary day six will be an all-day event. A three-hour trip each way to Chiang Rai for Wat Rong Khun (the White Temple) is the plan. This Buddhist Temple, which is modernized and said to be one of the most beautiful in Thailand, is constructed in a contemporary style. pipej

Peter, my husband, will soon be leaving Chiang Mai. I will travel solo in Thailand the following week. There are no plans. None. What should I do instead?

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