The Best Language Learning App For Travelers

It can be difficult to communicate with people in another language, whether you are looking for the toilet, ordering food, or just trying to get to know someone.

Pantomiming and the “point-and-hope” method may work for certain things, but not always.

It was a great blessing to have been able to learn a language I love.

Simple words like “please” and “thank you” can make a big difference.

Before I go on trips, I like to learn a little bit about the language. Knowing some key phrases is extremely useful. It’s been difficult to find the right resource to help me travel confidently.

I lose myself in programs that teach a complete language, but I cannot remember any language tips from guidebooks.

Drops is a new app that will change how you learn languages. It is ideal for people who love to travel.

What is Drops?

Drops is now available as an Android or iPhone app.

It is designed to make language learning fun and easy with games that teach vocabulary and phrases as well as essentials for traveling. I’ll show you the games.

It is important to play the games for several minutes each day to learn new words and to practice the lingo that you have already learned so that it is easy to remember in real life.

The free version has a 5 minute limit per day. Premium users have the option to bypass the time limit by changing settings to allow unlimited time.

Drops has 45 languages available — so you can choose whether you are traveling to an Arabic-speaking nation or learning French or Japanese.

They even offer Swahili, Icelandic and Hawaiian!

It’s great that you can choose the categories you want to learn, such as Food & Drinks and Nature & Animals. There’s also a category called Travel Talk, which focuses on words and phrases you might use when traveling.

It’s the ideal language learning app for travelers, as I mentioned!


Drops has helped me learn useful phrases and words in Arabic and I am enjoying it!

Although I don’t need to be fluent or learn Arabic, since I have traveled extensively in Arabic-speaking countries, I do want to improve my conversational Arabic.

Drops’s uniqueness is its ability to be broken down into topics of interest.

You decide to learn about greetings, transport, bargaining and getting around while you travel.

This is a unique way to learn — especially in a language with a different alphabet. Visual learning becomes essential, and I love that it’s both visually and auditory.

So I can both hear the words and see them written out.

What about the game format? I dig it!

The games have simple graphics and bright colors. They are fun and easy to play.

Most tasks require you to drag and drop bubbles to the appropriate word or phrase. Some tasks require you to spell out the phrase using bits and pieces.

The best part about this app is that you don’t need to use the keyboard to spell things out. This is something I have found to be extremely intimidating when using it in another language. Sometimes, it’s even difficult to type out words in English! ).

It is important to practice a lot every day in order to master a language. This will allow you to build on what you have learned and keep it fresh.

It’s also why I love that you can set up reminders for each day and can schedule everything to run at specific times.

It’s great for travelers

Drops doesn’t aim to make you fluent, or even for immersion learning. It’s all about making it easier to chat with locals while on your travels.

I have been to many places and wish I could understand the signs.

What is a huge advantage when learning a new language? It is a great bonus to be able order food in another language and to be able praise a chef for a wonderful meal.

When I was on my first international trip, while studying abroad in Spain, I discovered that interactions with locals were more meaningful. It was also so much fun to speak their language.

Since then, I have made it a point of learning a little of the language wherever and whenever I go.

Why is learning a new language important for travel?

  • Transport and getting around — talking to taxi drivers or checking bus routes
  • Communication of food preferences or allergies
  • Safety and understanding signage can help you avoid getting lost
  • Market buying and selling
  • You might meet people you wouldn’t otherwise be able to speak with
  • Gain a better understanding their culture

Learning another language can help you improve your memory and thinking skills. It is quite possible that learning another language will help strengthen your brain’s ability for focus.

Drops makes it easy to learn lingo, whether you’re going on an international trip or just want to impress your friends with a little bit of lingo.

Which languages would you love to learn?

Get Drops for iOS and Android here. This link will get you 50% off an annual subscription ).

Drops was a partner in this post. This post was written in partnership with Drops.

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