The Top Cities to Travel Alone

Are you ready to travel the world? You can do it on your own schedule! Solo travel is the best way to indulge in luxury travel. Traveling alone is liberating and thrilling.

I believe there are several factors that make a city a great place to solo travel. These include how easy it is to get around (whether it is well-connected or easily walkable), safety, friendliness of the locals (you never know when they might need you), and the sheer number of sights to be seen.

You can see exactly what you want, make the most of every moment and travel with friends and family to experience experiences you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Are you feeling inspired? Get out there! It can be frightening to travel alone, but it is worth it.


Few cities can match the rich heritage of the Eternal City. Take a trip back to the Roman Empire and then discover the rich, modern culture of Rome’s capital.


Vancouver, one of the most underrated destinations on the west coast, is a modern and chic melting pot that’s surrounded by the most stunning landscapes and amazing breweries.


It is well worth it, I promise! If you’re tired of winter in Australia, go down to Melbourne for the sweltering beaches and the museums, galleries, and theatres that make this city so culturally rich.


Florence is like a fairytale that you won’t want to leave. This city is a must-see for all culture lovers. It offers art, fashion and delicious food.


It is a city that has been voted the best by solo travelers. It’s easy to see how Amsterdam holds such a special place in the hearts of many travelers once you’ve been there.


Over the years, Beethoven, Freud and Mozart have won more than a few accolades. The Austrian capital is a fascinating place with remarkable palaces and a dynamic past that makes it a great place to visit.


This vibrant and eclectic city is like a breath of fresh, clean air. You can explore the city and the surrounding countryside. If you’re lucky enough to visit during winter, you might even see the Northern Lights.


This New Zealand city, nestled on Lake Wakatipu and the Southern Alps as the backdrop, is home to incredible Chardonnay- and Pinot Noir vineyards. Solo travelers will find that Kiwis are among the most friendly people you’ll ever meet.


This small Belgian city is a wonderful place to live. But, I love it more during the Ghent Festival which takes place every year and brings together performers from all over the globe to create an atmosphere unlike any other.


The largest city in Western Europe is a perfect blend of modernity and tradition. You could easily spend a lifetime exploring London. You can enjoy the British capital alone.


Venice’s charming plazas and world-famous canals are just a few of the many reasons to relax and enjoy the view from its stunning plazas and buzzing neighborhoods.


Enjoy the rich literary heritage of Dublin and spend the night listening and sipping Guinness while learning about the true meaning of being Irish.

San Francisco

Enjoy a picnic with the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop, then explore the city’s eclectic past and hippie present. Finally, indulge in some delicious foodie treats. Did you know that San Francisco is home to more restaurants and farmers’ markets per capita than any other American city?


Madrid is my favorite place on the Spanish coast. It has something that I love that makes me want return again and again. The city is renowned for its beautiful architecture and vibrant nightlife.


Lisbon is a city that has thousands of years worth of history. It is the ideal place to go on a solo trip and get lost in the colorful explosion of sun and color.

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