The Top Party Cities in the World

Are you ready to have a good time? There are many wild spots around the world where you can enjoy a memorable night of partying.

There’s no better way than to live the local lifestyle, have a few drinks (or three …)) with locals and then dance the night away. These spots are known for their party atmosphere and non-stop music.

The United States

Las Vegas

A Vegas getaway with your girlfriends is the best way to forget all that’s holding you back. Not too long ago, I had an amazing New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas. A Vegas road trip is something I must do when I’m in the States.


Nashville is a cool city that’s often overlooked. It’s the ideal weekend getaway. You can either rock your cowboy boots and enjoy a night of country music or get glammed up in The District for cocktails. This area is home to the heart of Tennessee’s nightlife.

New Orleans

Mardi Gras is New Orleans’ party to end all parties. I highly recommend it as a bucket-list experience. You can still have fun in The Big Easy all year round, as the French Quarter is never ending.


South Beach, Miami is another great American weekend getaway. You can live la Vida Loca in this sunny destination, where you can dance all night and then relax on the beach all day.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, South America’s coolest party city, offers everything from a life on the yachts to the best speakeasy bars all around the city.



British capital is one of those places you just can’t help but return to again and again. This hip city has something for everyone, from afternoon tea to street kebabs at 2 AM, and everything in between.


Berlin is known for its club scene, which is often referred to as the “poor but sexy capital” of Germany. If this is any indication, night clubs have started to embrace the “don’t forget about going home” tag!


This is the party capital of Europe. For the party of the Year, thousands of tourists from all over Europe, Russia, Scandinavia and the UK descend on the Spanish island every summer.


Barcelona is another Spanish party hotspot. It has a much more varied scene than Ibiza. For a mixture of local clubs and tourist spots, head to the Gothic Quarter. El Born is a more exclusive area for a more glamorous night out. You can also visit Gracia for a different scene.


Prague is not only one of Europe’s most beautiful places, but it is also one the continent’s greatest beer capitals. Enjoy the many beer museums in the city, then relax at the extremely affordable ice bar.


The tourist office issues discount club cards because of the party-loving nature of this place. The area is home to a world-famous EDM scene and cool little speakeasies. For a breathtaking view, make sure you visit the MA’DAM Sky Bar. These delicious Dutch dishes are a must-try after a long night!


Budapest was the city that I fell in love with. It is known for its Christmas markets, and it has so much to offer. Szimpla Kert, the king of Budapest’s ruin bars, is my favorite bar crawler.


The beautiful islands of Greece are simply breathtaking. You can spend the day at the beautiful beaches and then party till dawn at a beachside bar or club. Check out my Mykonos party planner before you go!


Serbia’s capital has some of my favorite parties. The splavs are huge nightclubs that run along the Danube River. They open at midnight, and you will be entertained all night.

Beirut, Lebanon


You think the Middle East is a party destination? You haven’t been to Lebanon. Beirut is a hip destination with trendy rooftop bars and dive bars. It has been buzzing since the 1960s, when celebrities like Brigitte Barrot and Marlon Marko began visiting.


I love Sydney, and the party scene there is so diverse.

Sydney has it all: from quirky party nights to cocktails by a pool to live music at dive bars, to the club where people go to see you, Sydney is the party capital of the world. Sydney is the perfect place to celebrate New Years Eve!


I was in New Zealand for 48 hours and have already started looking forward to my next trip. Enjoy a glass of wine at a local wine bar and make new friends. Then, hit the clubs for a late-night workout.


Tokyo’s Golden Gai made it a must-see party destination. Tokyo’s nightlife scene is completely different. It is a city that will make your jaw drop!

Now, dish! Now, dish!

Let me know your favorite party spots in the comments section below. We’re ready to have a wild night!

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