The Top Vegetarian Friendly Cities in the World

It can be difficult for me to find good food when I’m a pescatarian. Although I love fresh seafood, and am always open to trying new things, it can be difficult to find a vegetarian dish in certain areas.

You’re probably a vegetarian, vegan, or pescatarian. It’s great to know there are vegetarian-friendly restaurants nearby if you are on the road and need to grab something to eat.

Hungry? These are the top cities that cater to vegetarians around the globe!

Don’t believe the stereotypes you hear about British cuisine. London has some of the most renowned restaurants on the planet. There are many vegetarian-friendly restaurants in London, so you can choose from celebrity chefs or fast and simple food.

There are many great options available for take-out at local markets. My favourite was the Borough Market (pictured above), which is open Wednesday through Sunday.

The Most Vegetarian Friendly Countries In The World
The Most Vegetarian Friendly Countries In The World

This little Belgian city is one of Europe’s best kept secrets. It’s well worth a visit. Ghent, a small city with a lot of charm and low on tourists, is the ideal place to take a short break.

Ghent has many vegetarian restaurants. There are many options for great vegetarian food in Ghent, from simple veggie burgers in the pub to more elaborate and organic dishes at local restaurants.

We have a very odd view of Asian food here in the West. You’ll be amazed at the different cuisines you will find in Asia, whether you’re traveling to Japan, Korea, China or Japan.

That’s a great thing!

Seoul Food is my favourite. The seafood is great for pescatarians. You’ll love the innovative and original take on vegan or vegetarian cuisine.

Best cities for vegans around the world
Best cities for vegans around the world

New York City is home to the very best. There are some of the best vegetarian dishes in the world. It would be difficult to narrow it down to 100 vegetarian dishes. My best advice is to eat!

Bangkok is known for its sinful nightlife and many backpackers. However, it has a rich history and vibrant culture that make it an interesting place to visit.

I would be lying if i said that I was not intimidated by the street vendors’ offerings upon my arrival in Thailand. What is the purple color of that rice? What is in a banana leaf? However, I discovered that Bangkok offers a wide variety of cuisines, from street food to fine dining.

Bohemian charm, rich cultural landscape and Bohemian charm make this city more popular for its cocktails than its food. You might also get some eyebrows raised if you claim to be vegetarian and visit Prague ten years back.

However, things have changed dramatically. A new generation of Czech chefs is redefining vegetarian Czech cuisine and will blow your mind.

Most vegetarian friendly countries in the world
Most vegetarian friendly countries in the world

Jaipur is vibrant and fascinating. With its chaotic streets and historical influences, Jaipur also has a variety of great places to eat. India is a super vegetarian country, so you’ll never go hungry.

Did you know that forty-five percent are from abroad? This makes Vancouver a cosmopolitan foodie paradise. There are many amazing restaurants in the city, including European, Asian, and South American cuisines.

Don’t worry! There’s more to pretzels than beer… but you must try a pretzel!

Kebab is passé! Turkish food is dynamic and you can easily find a vegetarian option. Menemen (Turkish eggs), or gozleme, (veggie quesadillas) are good options for breakfast. Cig kofte is a similar to a vegetable burger patte if you feel peckish at midday.

Meze is essentially Turkish tapas. There will be a large selection of meze restaurants, so it’s a great way to sample countless foods.

Vegetarian Places to Visit around the World
Vegetarian Places to Visit around the World

San Francisco is a leader in vegetarian food trends. It won’t be difficult to find the food you love. Are you looking for gluten-free vegan food? It’s possible!

Spain is home to many vegetarians, so it’s not difficult to find places that don’t serve meat. You can also find many traditional Spanish dishes that are vegetarian.

Madrid may not be seaside but it does have the best seafood.

Tokyo is another great destination for pescatarians. It has incredible seafood, from sushi to sashimi. Local specialties such as yasai tempura and soba noodles are great options for fish-free meals.

Pro tip: Although many young Japanese are vegetarians, this is a new concept. Asking for a vegetable dish might not be enough to get a recommendation. Some people consider “vegetarian” to mean that they still eat chicken and fish. Be sure to know exactly what you’re getting.

Berlin is the most trendy city in Germany. There are many vegetarian and vegan restaurants with tasty dishes such as the vegan gyro platter. You can find traditional German dishes, but you don’t have to eat meat, in Berlin: kartoffelpuffer (potato fritters), sauerkraut (fancy mac n cheese), as well as kasespatzle.

Do you have a sweet tooth.

With so many German bakeries around, it’s hard to convince yourself of a good meal.

Los Angeles is a city where you will never be hungry. You can book a table at a hip vegan restaurant or order a veggie burrito at a popular food truck. Los Angeles is home to many food trends. It’s also a popular spot for traditional favorites. Tacos are the best option if you’re having trouble deciding.

Even in the smallest villages, Bali is home to delicious vegetarian spots. There are many small restaurants in Canggu, Ubud and Bali that deserve a Michelin star. You’ll find vegetarian food all over Bali.

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