The Travel Halo: A Travel Pillow Alternative

If you are like me, you have tried to travel with a neck pillow but can’t find the right position. Either the pillow’s back pushes your head forward, or the sides don’t support your neck.

For the duration of your trip, you end up carrying a large “U”-shaped accessory. You could even call it Wilson’s volleyball.

The Travel Halo was recommended to me recently. I have used it twice now, and it has been a game-changer.

It is simple and yet very effective.

The headband is worn as a headband, but the two pads at the back prevent your head from rolling to one side. It worked! I was skeptical, but it did work.

The Travel Halo comes with an eye mask and small pouches to hold earplugs. This makes it even more attractive.

The Travel Halo is smaller than I would need to bring a bulky pillow or anything that I need to blow up. It’s about the same size as my fist when it’s rolled up.

There are two types of The Travel Halo, it turns out. I’ve tried both, so I could compare them side-by side to find which one I preferred.

Stretch Fabric for a Secure Fit

Flat back design prevents muscle fatigue

Super Soft Fleece Fabric

Microbeads Sleep Mask

Flat back design prevents muscle fatigue

Although some reviews complain that the original Travel Halo is too tight around their heads in some cases, I prefer the original design because it is smaller.

Although the new design is more comfortable, more adjustable, and the eye mask looks amazing, I try to keep my bags as light as possible. The original design is slightly smaller.

The Travel Halo is the perfect travel pillow, no matter what size you prefer or how comfortable it is.

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