These are the Best Places to Visit in Spring

Although springtime is different around the globe, some destinations really come alive when winter ends and the sun begins to shine.

Popular destinations experience a decline in tourism during the summer peak season. This means that you will enjoy milder temperatures and lower crowds in shoulder seasons.


When to Go: March

Bogota, with its rich history and vibrant culture and delicious food is an amazing place to visit right now. It was almost ten million people when I visited Bogota last year, which was something I was privileged to be able to witness.

March is Bogota’s hottest month, with an average temperature of 70 degrees F and a tropical climate. Tourism is growing so plan your next trip.


When to Go: March

March marks the beginning of Bali’s dry season (Galungan) and the Balinese Year (Galungan), which begins March 12. Celebrations last for a few weeks and culminate in Nyepi on March 31. Bali offers a wide range of experiences for travelers, including exotic jungles and spa-like bungalows.


When to Visit: April through May

Fiji is all about the water. Divers travel from all parts of the globe to explore the deep blue waters around Taveuni. These waters are comparable to the Great Barrier Reef or Thailand.

You can snorkel with mantas in the Yasawas or game fish for big mahi mahi. Or, you can learn to wake-board. You can relax on the beach, or in a hammock beneath softly moving coconut trees, if you prefer the peaceful side of life.

Fiji also has many colorful Hindu temples and thick tropical forests.


When to Visit: March through May

Japan’s springtime is full of cherry blossoms and vibrant festivals. Hanami, the Japanese word for cherry blossom viewing, or sakura is very popular.

Families will be able to enjoy picnics in parks from mid-March through early May. People travel all over the globe to view the blooms.

Los Cabos, Mexico

When to Visit: April through June

Los Cabos is paradise for spring-breakers: endless bar crawls and stunning coastal scenery are just a few of the many highlights of Los Cabos. There are two cities in the area: San Jose del Cabo, a sophisticated city, and Cabos San Lucas on the beach.

Cabo is a great place to visit for a wide variety of delicious tequilas, high-rise resorts, and fashionable shopping.

New Zealand

When to Visit: March through May

New Zealand’s harvest season is March through May. This makes it an ideal destination for wine lovers. To experience stunning scenery and world-class pinot gris, take a drive to the Central Otago wine region in the South Island.

Rio de Janeiro

When to Visit: April through May

Carnival-goers all over the globe flock to Rio in February, when the city lights up and everyone is happy! But, February is a hot month for accommodation and flights. Plan your trip for April or May, when temperatures drop from the summer heat to around 75 degrees during the day and 60 at night.

You can’t miss the amazing cuisine, beautiful botanical gardens, and stunning beaches. For more breathtaking landscapes and culture, consider a visit to Florianopolis if you have the time.

Costa Rica

When to Visit: January through April

Costa Rica’s springtime is the in-between rainy season. This makes it the ideal season to visit its mangrove swamps and cloud forests. It has remained affordable despite the recent influx of tourists.

This country is all about adventure – you won’t want to miss the many picturesque waterfalls, lush forests, volcanic hot springs and turtle beaches.


When to Visit: February through April

This Moroccan city is a beautiful destination that has been growing in popularity over the years due to its culture, food, and sights. This is a charming, walled-in town that dates back to the Berber Empire. Take a look at the many shops, markets, and food vendors.

Temperatures can soar in summer and become almost unbearable. You’ll want to visit between February-April when the average daytime highs are between 70degF & 80degF.


When to Visit: January – March

Thailand attracts thousands of tourists each year due to its sparkling waters, lively parties, and delicious food. You can explore chaotic Bangkok with its glittering temples or travel south to the tropical beaches where you can dive with whale sharks at Koh Tao.

You will have an unforgettable vacation if you add friendly locals, low prices, and the wild northern jungles.


When to Visit: April through June

It’s hard to find a more beautiful Old World landscape than Santorini. Santorini, with its blue-domed churches and bleach-white homes, is the perfect place to spend spring.

You will find stunning seascapes, the prehistoric Akrotiri ruins and black sands of Perissa. There are also a few wineries. There is also a blue caldera, where the Lost City of Atlantis is said to have been.


When to Visit: March through May

This cosmopolitan Swedish capital draws people due to its charming old town and mild climate all year.

The city is located between 14 islands and has been nicknamed the “Venice of the North”, with its many canals, bridges, and other amenities. It is no surprise that ferrying to the city is the best way to see it. You can even hop on a boat and cruise the beautiful waterways for the day!

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