These are the Top Destinations to Visit in July

Finding a place that isn’t too hot, overcrowded with people, and that offers plenty of sun and sightseeing is the trick to traveling in July. Book a flight to one of these incredible destinations if you have the time or desire to travel.


July is the best month to visit Iceland weather-wise. Longer days and melting highlands make it easier to travel and allow for more time to see the natural landscape.

The sunlight stretches out to 20 hours per day, and temperatures range roughly between 46 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit–positively balmy for Iceland! You will get the most from your trip to the Land of Fire and Ice.

However, prices can rise at this time so make sure you book your hotel and tours well in advance.


Although technically it is winter in Peru, July still enjoys beautiful sunny days and dry weather at high altitudes and on the beaches. July is the best time to visit Cusco and Machu Picchu.

You’re fine as long as you don’t go into the rainforest.

Bogota (Colombia)

Bogota has a rich past and a bright future. It’s much larger than you might think. The city has a metropolitan population of almost ten million people. It is larger than most American or European cities.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia’s hotel prices are lowest in July so you can still explore the capital of Bulgaria without worrying about your pocketbook! This European city is becoming more fashionable with its art galleries and farmers’ markets.

It’s still not mainstream, so it attracts very few tourists. There are many sights to see, including the Royal Palace and the National Museum of Military History. Also, there is a large-scale music festival that takes place throughout the city.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is alive all year round, rain or shine. But it’s only in the summer when you can truly enjoy the Venice of the North. Explore Stockholm’s subway art, Gamla Stan and the Royal Palace grounds.

Skansen’s open-air museum is perfect for summer. You can also find great deals at antique flea markets and picnics in the park. If you feel daring, take a hot-air balloon ride.

Krakow, Poland

In summer, Krakow is alive with sun and energy festivals. The city of Krakow is Poland’s cultural capital. It boasts an impressive Old Town and a street theater festival.

It is easy to get on a train and see the sights outside of town, such as Auschwitz and the Wieliczka salt mines.


Summer is the best season to visit Indonesia, particularly Java, Bali and Papua. You should avoid July and August crowds, but the time before and after is prime for island-hopping.

Be careful not to visit between October and March, as these months are monsoon seasons that bring heavy rains.


Budapest is alive during the summer, with street markets and festivals that keep you busy in the heat. You can take a cruise along the Danube and cool off in the thermal baths. Or you can bike around looking for sorbet or ice cream.

Corsica und Sardinia

Beautiful gems in the Mediterranean are Corsica and Sardinia, which are both beautiful islands. Each has beautiful landscapes and pristine white beaches. There are also resorts where you can relax for a few days.

For the tranquil island vibe, choose Corsica and Sardinia.

The Seychelles

Seychelles is a top choice for holiday destination because of its stunning white beaches and clear blue waters. Visit the World Heritage Site Valle de Mai Nature Reserve and stay in a tree-roofed house.

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