Tokyo Bucket List: Top Things to Do in Japan’s Coolest City

Tokyo is never boring. It has many fun things to do and bucket-list worthy attractions. In Japan’s most prestigious city, I had beef that was cleverly shaped as a brain. It was served to me in my own prison cell by nurses dressed in pink. My preference for dogs was confirmed when I drank my coffee with a dozen cats at a quirky cafe. I discovered the purpose of the Japanese toilet buttons (and enjoyed some outcomes more than others).

It is rare to find a place that offers such unique and innovative entertainment. Tokyo, however, is full of vibrant facets. The town is home to illuminated skyscrapers, unique anime shops, and streets lined with cherry blossoms. You can visit this cool place to attend a tuna auction before dawn, or enjoy nightlife in the seedy Piss Alley. Or you can walk across the largest intersection in the world with hundreds.

The city is amazing, and these are the top things to do in Tokyo.

Buy Some Vinyl at HMV Records

Tokyo is paradise for vinyl lovers! Tokyo has more record shops than any other place in the world, with new collections being added every month. HMV Records has a large selection of Vinyl Records. Bring plenty of cash, as you’ll be lost among the aisles of vinyl records. This will make you feel nostalgic and revive your love for music. The vast second-hand record shop offers a wide range of music genres and items. A few cassettes are also available with a special corner.

Watch Wrestling at a Sumo Stable

If you don’t have the opportunity to see the intense sumo wrestling sport in action, then you won’t be able to fully appreciate its intensity. Sumo wrestling practices are not tourist attractions. The athletes are serious in training and deserve respect.

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