Top Travel Apps You Should Download For Your Next Trip

Smartphone technology has made travel planning easier than ever. These apps can help you find the best deals on flights and translate other languages.

After many years of using my iPhone for travel, I would like to think that I have done the app testing. These are the top travel apps I use.

These are the top travel apps you should download before you go on your next trip.

For Travel Planning

For Travel Logging

App in the Air

This app is your personal flying assistant. This app keeps you informed about your flight status and airport tips. It also provides flight profiles with all flights that have been logged.

The app can also be used offline. Flight status updates and gate changes are sent via SMS, which does not require data roaming.

It’s also very neat because you can keep track of all your flights.

For packing guides

Packing Pro is a great tool for organized and forgetful travelers. The Expert List Assistant creates packing lists based upon the number of travellers and days of travel.

You can also choose to pack according to temperature, destination and laundry preferences. The app can be used to create, edit, and check-off custom packing lists.

Check out my packing guides while you’re at the same time!

Find Flights

Skyscanner searches thousands to find the best fares for you by searching for dates and destinations. Skyscanner is also great for flexible travel, allowing you search for the lowest fares to any destination with your departure airline.

Skyscanner allowed me to find a flight to Europe at a price of $360

For Creating Your Itinerary

It can be stressful and time-consuming to plan a trip itinerary. Travi wants you to enjoy your vacation, not plan it.

You love adventure, but don’t like planning. Although I enjoy spontaneous adventures, I find it very helpful to have an itinerary for my vacation.

While things might change, I prefer to have everything mapped out before I go. My time is limited and I want to enjoy every moment of my holiday.

Travi makes it easy to create an itinerary with just a few clicks. This is how it works:

Travi currently supports major destinations in the US and Canada. Every week, new cities are added to the Travi network.

Budgeting and Money

For Splitting Bills

Venmo is my favorite way to split bills with friends. To earn travel points, I like to keep everything on my credit card and then have the funds sent to me via the app.

For Calculating Gratuity

What is the average tip for Spain? Is it common to tip in Dubai GlobeTipping, a currency calculator, provides tips for tipping in 200+ countries. It can also be used to calculate how to split a bill between people.

Currency conversion

XE Currency allows users to convert major currencies as well as create currency charts to show historical rates. You can even use the app offline to store the most current exchange rates.

Transport + Navigation

Offline maps

City Maps 2 Go Pro

City Maps 2Go is an easy-to-use and reliable global travel companion app. It offers detailed offline maps, travel content, top places, and insider tips.

You can download the map to your destination anytime you have WiFi or data, and then you can access it offline at any time.

Google Maps is an excellent tool for navigation. I also love the fact that I can still use many of its features even without Wi-Fi or data. It’s so useful!


Uber is essential to me. Uber isn’t available everywhere, but it does operate in most areas. Check for Uber pickup locations at airports.

Once you’re there, you won’t be disappointed


iTranslate lets you speak in a variety of languages. The app allows you to speak into your phone and have the text and voice translations done automatically. The app has built-in voices and doesn’t need an Internet connection. This makes it a great companion for travel.

Google Translate can convert printed words with your built-in camera. Google Translate can be used to translate text from English by simply placing your camera on a sign or text.

International Texting

WhatsApp uses your data and WiFi to communicate with family members around the globe. WhatsApp allows you to send and receive free messages, photos, audio notes, videos, and location sharing with other WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp is my favorite app.

Use this tool to take notes and journal.

Evernote is an intuitive app that makes it easy to remember everything on all your devices. Evernote allows you to take notes, capture images, make to-do lists and record voice reminders. Perfect for documenting your travels!

Find Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi Finder app makes it easy to quickly and easily locate Wi-Fi, either free or paid. You can download all locations offline so that you have a complete list of places to connect while on the move.

To browse the Internet

Some websites may be blocked depending on where you are traveling. If you log in to HBO Go accounts frequently, you might not be able access them outside the US unless you have a VPN. Access your subscriptions can be accessed and your IPN protected.


To Share Your Travel Photos

Lightroom Mobile App

Last but not least, Lightroom’s Mobile App is my favorite way to edit photos while on the move. Lightroom’s mobile app allows you to edit your travel photos quickly and easily. Check out my Lightroom mobile presets to make it easy for food and travel.

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