Travel bags with full circle reusable storage bags

Travel bags with full circle reusable storage bags

It can be difficult to live in a suitcase. It can limit your wardrobe options, make it difficult to organize, and even make it impossible to travel with liquids.

So many shampoo and body wash bottles have leaked everywhere, and covered everything in my bag in goo. You don’t want to spill your spray bottles and liquids on the floor.

I switched from single-use bags to Full Circle reusable bags and have had an improved packing (and unpacking) experience ever since. Are you ready to upgrade your travel accessories?

This is how I use Full Circle’s Ziptuck travel storage bags!

Reusable bags for travel

A reusable bag is a must-have for anyone who travels. You’ll need several sizes. It is important to have a variety of items in your bag.

To get through security at airports with liquids, you’ll need a quart-sized bag. Reusable bags can be more durable than disposable bags, so you can carry more without worrying about it getting damaged.

I generally store anything that isn’t clothes in a reusable bag.

It makes it so much easier to keep organized. My toiletries bag goes in the bathroom, and my makeup baggie goes in my purse. These small bags are so convenient that I don’t have to unpack. I simply move the bags wherever I need them to.

I bring extra bags to carry my snacks and toiletries, as well as souvenirs and other items that I may need at my destination. It is a huge help in my ability to manage the chaos on the road.

The Full Circle bags come with dry erase markers, which makes it easy to label them repeatedly. It’s a visual aid that allows me to see all my stuff in clearly labeled bags.

Ziptuck Full Circle Reusable Bags

Full Circle reusable storage bags were the best choice for me because they are BPA-free, food safe, and can be used for almost everything. They are completely leakproof and feature an air-tight seal.

There are four sizes available: snack size, sandwich bag, travel size and larger storage bags. They can also be used to carry snacks and set up makeup counters.

Did I mention that they look chic? They come in two styles: a classic clear plastic style and a modern chevron.

Full Circle reusable bags, in addition to being beautiful and practical, are as environmentally friendly as they come.

The company strives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions during production. Because the bags are made from plant-based materials, they will quickly break down if ever thrown away.

Why reusable bags are important

My stuff gets more important the more I travel. I didn’t realize how much junk I had until I packed it all up. This is especially true for disposable items.

Since my first trip, I have tried to see everything as an investment piece. My luggage is no exception. The suitcase and the bags that organize it are all of the same quality. I’m looking for something I can use on every trip.

It’s eco-friendly and it doesn’t mean I have to search for things every day.

Full Circle products can be hand washed or put in the dishwasher.

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