Visit an Asian market offbeat. Hong Kong’s Goldfish Market.

There are many markets in Hong Kong, and I visited almost all of them. One event stood out, and it was because I had never seen anything like it in my travels. The Goldfish Market is truly a unique experience. It’s also a little quirky.

The Goldfish Market in Hong Kong caters to locals and their Feng Shui lifestyle. Many homes have aquariums that bring good fortune to the Asian culture.

Good fortune is represented by fish and water attracts wealth and abundance. One could use some fortune, wealth, and abundance. I think I’m in dire need of some fish.

I have never owned an aquarium. The only fish I ever had was Goldy, which I won at the fair by throwing a pingpong ball into a small bowl. He died. He was not lucky.

In the late afternoon, we headed to the Goldfish market to see all the remaining Goldy’s.

I was looking for streets that were closed off to selling fishy goods and ran straight down the middle. Similar to the architecture found in most of the other markets I have visited.

This “market” is really just a road with dozens of shops selling a variety of fish and accessories.

The stores were crowded with locals. This market caters to locals, and not tourists, who won’t be taking home aquarium fish as souvenirs.

You can find every accessory for your fish tank, including gravel, lighting, nets, and plants.

They don’t only sell fish; they also sell spiders, snakes, and lizards. However, most of their customers are aquatic vertebrates. I’m not sure how amphibians would fit in with Feng Shui. However, I don’t think spiders belong in my fish tank.

I wish I could have visited a home with a lucky aquarium. It’s true, though, that I am half-tempted to buy an aquarium after seeing the gorgeous fish. We’ll see. Maybe in the future.

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