What is Travel Insurance?

Although I admit that I had never bought travel insurance before the first time I wished I had. I was always the kind of person who saw it as an unnecessary expense, that would only benefit me in the rare event that something truly terrible happened.

Now I have travel insurance.

Why? Oh, I will tell you all of the details in the hope that this never happens to me!

This One Time…

Let’s begin with a story about the first “I wish” I had it.

My first trip to the Middle East was exciting for me. I finally had everything packed correctly for my first trip to the Middle East. I finally had the right formula for packing what I needed after more than a year of constant travel.

You don’t need to do too much, but you won’t forget a thing!

To protect my checked baggage, I kept all my electronics, valuables, and my passport in my carry on bag. Guess what?

My checked baggage was damaged.

My flight from San Diego, California to Amman (Jordan) included a six-hour stopover at JFK International Airport in New York. I flew in just days after Hurricane Sandy, and was aware of the chaos there.

To avoid missing my flight due to transportation problems, I decided to stay at the airport. To ensure that there was no problem rechecking my bag in NYC, I checked my bag from San Diego to Amman.

It turns out that playing safe is not always the best option.

Let’s see what happened next…

After an apparently endless layover in New York I was finally able to board the eleven-hour flight to Amman. I cleared customs without any problems and headed to baggage claim to retrieve the bag. As I waited for my bright blue suitcase to be found, I watched as other people took their luggage from the luggage carousel. I was finally confronted with reality after the crowd had dissipated.

My suitcase didn’t arrive.

Realizing that I had only my camera bag for the two-week trip to Dubai and Jordan, I panicked. While filling out the missing luggage claim form at the airline counter, I was overwhelmed by the million thoughts that were racing through my mind.

What if my bag is accidentally taken at the airport? Will they return it? What if my bag is completely lost and it never comes back to me? What if it is stuck in New York? And they send it back home to San Diego?

I spent the night worrying, turning my back on my bed, and thinking about how “My trip was ruined”.

Through my first day in Jordan, I did my best to remain positive and keep my head up. I felt the weight of the situation weighing on my shoulders after I didn’t hear back from the airline the next morning.

After doing some research, I realized how much protection I had from the airline when I flew internationally. I may be able to get a few hundred dollars to replace the items that were lost.

If I could prove that the items were there, and had the receipts. Jewelry and other valuables would not be covered. How would I be able to buy all the new stuff that I need for my trip to the Middle East? !

My Budget is Here

To replace everything, it would cost me more than $1,500

This may seem like a high estimate. It may sound high-brow, but a quick breakdown of daily items will show how quickly things add up.

  • Travel bag $100
  • Shoes $150
  • Jewelry $300
  • Jeans $100
  • Jackets $100
  • Misc. Clothing $200
  • Toiletries $100
  • You get the idea.

The airline had found my bag in New York, and it was going to Jordan the next night. I received the news that evening. Thank goodness!

Why did I tell you all that? It doesn’t matter how valuable the items are, the emotional stress caused by the situation is just as bad. Everything was given back to me, which was a blessing.

However, this is not always true, especially in cases of theft.

Travel insurance protects you against the worst case scenario in which you are hurt abroad. This is particularly important if your trip is an adventure or you travel to areas where emergency evacuation might be necessary.

Don’t risk it; I am certain I won’t travel again without it.

Where can I get travel insurance?

After doing extensive research, I believe World Nomads offers excellent coverage at an affordable price.

You are covered if your checked baggage is lost or delayed for more than 12 hours. You also get medical, flight delay, cancellation, and interruption coverage.

  • Medical Services
  • Travel Accidents
  • Baggage Lost
  • Trip Cancellation
  • Travel Health
  • Stolen Passports
  • Natural Disasters
  • Delayed Baggage

And many other things!

WorldNomads.com offers travel insurance to adventurous travelers from more than 140 countries. It covers evacuations, medical expenses, baggage, as well as a variety of activities and sports.

What it covers

WorldNomads.com offers travel insurance that allows you to:

  • Online shopping from anywhere, even abroad
  • Online claim and extend your warranty
  • This policy covers your adventure, which includes a variety of sports and adventures
  • Get worldwide coverage from specialist travel insurances. Designed for independent travellers from more than 140 countries
  • Don’t forget to give back to your local community
  • Travel safe and informed.

You have the freedom to choose! It’s worth it to feel safe and secure when traveling internationally. It’s even more important when you need it.

Let me know about your travel insurance experience. Tell me about a time when you wish you had it, or how it saved you money.

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