Why you should travel with a tablet

Travel bloggers are tempted to bring a laptop on every trip. The keyboard makes it easy to carry my laptop wherever I go.

However, I am increasingly seeing the gap between tablet-and-laptop has been narrowed. With portable keyboards, powerful tablet computers, and a tablet that can be used as a travel keyboard, it is just about as convenient to take a tablet with you.

Weight Benefits

The tablet computer’s first major feature is its light weight. Even the most powerful laptops can weigh more than 2 pounds. Tablet computers, however, are lighter at around a quarter of the weight.

This will not only mean your back will be happier with less luggage to carry, but it also means that you can travel light and carry only carry-on luggage. Even if the tablet computer includes a keyboard, it still weighs significantly less than a laptop.

Flexibility of Modern Tablet Computers

Tablets are also flexible and can offer software that matches the functionality of a laptop. This includes word processing software, spreadsheets, word processing software, and apps for creating presentations.

This means that even though you don’t have a laptop, a tablet computer can still be useful for productivity and work.

Travel apps for tablet computers

A tablet is a great option over a laptop because you have a wide range of apps that can enrich your travel experience. These apps include digital maps, walking tours, and augmented reality programs. You can use your tablet to show a range of facilities in the area.

These apps can be used by many people already, but the larger screen on the tablet is much more usable.

Entertainment while you travel

After a long day of travel, we’ve all been there. A tablet computer provides entertainment options that include music, movies, and games.

While laptop screens are typically designed for computer work, tablets provide a better viewing experience for TV and movies.

Editing and sharing photos from the road

Although tablets don’t have the same camera capabilities as smartphones (and shouldn’t be used for that purpose anyway), there are amazing photo editing apps available!

You can transfer photos to your tablet using WiFi adapters or Bluetooth. After editing, they can be shared online and published.

Cost of buying and replacing a tablet

A tablet is a cheaper option than a laptop, and it’s also more practical to take a tablet with you on your next trip because of the difference in cost between them. The cost difference between a tablet and a laptop is important if you’re faced with the decision of whether to buy a budget or high-end device.

A good policy of travel insurance will cover a tablet and a laptop, but the cost and hassle involved in replacing a tablet make it an attractive option.


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